Why Advertising Is Important For Your Business

By Lorna Irungu


Advertising is a powerful tool that can help businesses attract customers, inform them about their products and build customer trust. Understanding what advertising is and why it’s important for businesses to use it can help you develop effective ads for you.


What is Advertising?

Advertising is any paid promotion of a product, service or idea meant to influence one or more people. Advertising can be done on various mediums such as; radio, television, print and digital media. The main aim of advertising is to persuade someone to perform an action or to persuade.


Why is advertising important?

Attracts new customers to your business

Acquiring new customers is essential for business growth. Advertising allows new customers to know about your products/ services while granting you a new target audience and informing them of any advantages they may have. That way, you are able to grow a new client base.

Increases sales

The main aim of advertising is to increase the number of people who buy your products. An effective advertisement can convince customers to purchase your products and improve your overall sales. Ad campaigns can directly influence sales, driving more consumers straight to your physical store, website, and even specific product pages if you run an e-commerce brand.


Enhances Brand Awareness

it is important for businesses to establish their own brands so that people will recognise their brand name. Adverts are therefore important as they help build up recognition and awareness of products/services. Both offline and online advertising can boost the prominence of your key messages—the takeaways you want your target audience to have—and highlight the good aspects of your company. A good reputation therefore leads to more profit and sales.


Helps your Brand stand out

Because most products and services have multiple companies competing for customers, your company may need to find ways to distinguish itself from competitors. Advertising elements such as logos, color schemes, fonts and taglines are ways to establish a brand identity and create a difference between your product and other companies. If a customer recognizes or likes your brand design, that may increase the chances of them purchasing your product.


Helps Introduce New Products

When your company introduces a new product or service, you can create an ad to inform your customers about it. Telling a larger amount of people about your product release may increase interest as well as the number of people who want to buy it.


Key Takeaways
  • Advertising significantly increases your brand’s exposure to relevant customers
  • Online ad campaigns offer advanced targeting capabilities that can boost ROI
  • Advertising directly impacts sales and revenue for many small businesses


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