Ajua Customer Loyalty Benchmark Report Q4 2019

Focus on Customer experience is crucial in healthcare facilities 

With the cost of retaining a customer much lower than that of acquiring a new one, customer
satisfaction is becoming increasingly important in various industries globally, and healthcare
is not an exception. In a 2009 survey conducted by the World Health Organisation (WHO), it
was revealed that patient experience directly relates to people’s satisfaction with the
healthcare system or a particular facility.

Once customers receive high quality service at one healthcare provider, they are more
inclined to return to the facility if need ever arises. According to Ajua’s Customer Loyalty
Benchmark for Quarter 4 2019, Customer Service sits at the top of all customer happiness
drivers, with a 44% share while availability of modern facilities & equipment only had 6%.

This only highlights that when customers/patients visit a healthcare facility, they’re searching for care first – everything else is secondary. Biggest players in this industry will be those who take this up – and put more attention to the daily interactions staff have with the patients.


Customers/patients wouldn’t like to be viewed as though their sole purpose is to generate revenue for the facility, and staff shouldn’t view them as such. One of the respondents from Ajua’s latest Customer Loyalty report noted that he enjoyed service from one of the hospitals because “They take the time to know you and build a relationship with you as they serve you.” 


Healthcare facilities should ensure that all their employees invest more time in building relationships than meeting revenue targets – because it’s only through achieving the former, when you can accomplish the latter.


Another important thing to note from Ajua’s customer loyalty benchmark; is that many respondents prefer public hospitals to private ones. Public hospitals are highly

recommended for having highly skilled doctors, availability of high-quality equipment, high-quality drugs and quality treatment. While this might be the case, Kenya still struggles with adequate human resources for service delivery in the health sector. According to a report by Kenya’s Ministry of Health in 2004, Kenya has one doctor, 12 nurses and midwives per 10,000 people against WHO’s recommended 23 doctors, nurses and midwives per 10,000 people. This puts some pressure in service delivery in public hospitals; which could have also contributed to the poor performance of public health institutions in the latest NPS report from Ajua.


See bar graph below – Of the 6 facilities under review , the top two were Getrudes & Nairobi Hospital; both private facilities.


One of the respondents who praised Gertrudes noted that; “The medical personnel are entirely dedicated to providing healthcare with rare devotion.”


Another respondent from MTRH (Moi Teaching & Referral Hospital) mentioned that “They provide the best services the disadvantage is the long waiting hours before you get their services, they have skilled professionals and are equipped with the best machines.”


Those two responses give a clear picture of the current situation of customer service in healthcare facilities. It’s not enough to have the best facilities, if you don’t pay attention to certain aspects that will make the customer more comfortable, and feel cared for.


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