personalised customer
Customer / Product Individualization Focused Value

Ajua Personalized Customer enables organisations to build strong, emotionally rich relationships with their customers by offering extensive customer experience capabilities and real time feedback loops.

We help you to build and execute cultural transformations that reach everyone within your organization, placing the customer at the heart of your culture and initiatives.

360-degree Persona View

Unlike other CX and/or CRM tools Ajua Personalized Customer provides you with a unique 360° view of the customer, customer experience and customer behaviour both on you and off you.

Personalized Products

Understanding your customers helps you treat them as individuals with individual needs for innovative products, solutions and services.


Seamlessly segment customers and get more complete and granular insights into your customers’ behaviour, spending and customer journeys with Ajua personalized Customer.

What can I get from this solution?

Customer Feedback with Digital and non-digital transactional NPS, CSAT, CES, special focus on products
Demographics analytics with product Data enrichment, using Ajua Insight Studio
Business impact Insightful Actions on long-term value (customer and product) metrics; automated/semi-auto
External audience data on organizational impact assessment using Ajua’s Audience on Demand
Population spend analytics with Ajua’s Consumer Wallet
Scaled on-premise Cloud Data Platform with Ajua Cloud Appliance for customer localized data integration/ownership
Value Management with training of personnel on Full Customer Journey Mapping
Quarterly Benchmarks industry comparison analysis