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mSurvey launches Africa Headquarters in Nairobi

Aug 30, 2018

mSurvey officially launched its new offices on August 24th, marking their growth as a company alongside former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Communication  Dr. Bitange Ndemo, customer experience heads from leading brands in Africa. This follows the launch of the mSurvey office in Nigeria as well as their series A funding earlier in the year.

Dr. Bitange Ndemo lauded mSurvey’s achievement and asserted, “Great businesses need to listen to their customers in order to scale.” mSurvey CEO Kenfield speaking on the launch of the new offices mentioned, “It’s exciting to be sharing this moment with our partners, as well as our great team as we build the future. We have had great support from our investors who share our vision of bringing businesses and customers closer together.” mSurvey also took the opportunity to launch the feedback mascot during the event.


About mSurvey

Since mSurvey’s inception in 2012, we have been helping businesses better understand consumers in Africa with mSurvey’s flagship product Voice of the Customer. Through this product, businesses have been able to access customer feedback directly from their customers at scale and in real-time through mobile conversations using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) a global metric which enables businesses to measure their customer loyalty and boost their customer retention.

mSurvey’s platform enables businesses to inform their strategies through real-time customer feedback to improve their customer experience and grow their revenues. After a successful run in Kenya, with the acquisition of several major clients such as Java House, entering a partnership with Safaricom, East, and Central Africa’s largest telco and the integration with Safaricom’s mobile money giant mPesa, mSurvey has expanded its operations to Africa, starting from Nigeria.