mSurvey is now Ajua: Repositioning for growth, evolution and ambition

July 31, 2019

Nairobi based Customer Experience company mSurvey has rebranded to Ajua, Africa’s first Integrated Customer Experience Company. Ajua unveiled its new brand on Wednesday, July 31st at the Capital Club East Africa alongside chief guest Sylvia Mulinge, Chief Customer Officer, Safaricom. The move serves to reflect their growth, ambition and African Identity in their corporate brand. Ajua’s products have evolved to accelerate business growth on the continent by bridging the gap between businesses and their customers. “We’re building a brand that embodies the future of Customer Experience in today’s world.” Said Ajua CEO, Kenfield Griffith. “Our new brand embodies our dedication to continuously innovate our technology to provide businesses with actionable insights.”

Ajua’s technology integrates with businesses at the points that matter most to their customers to measure and optimize their Customer Experience. Since the company’s inception in 2012, Ajua has enabled leading brands in Africa to improve their Customer Experience and increase operational efficiency with strategic information on their customer brand journey.

The tech firm drew inspiration for their new corporate brand from Ajua, a game of strategy which is believed to be one of the oldest games in the world. Ajua originated from Africa and spread to the rest of the world, it has been passed down from generation to generation and is still widely played to date. The board game is now over 1,300 years old with over 200 variations. It goes by over 800 names and is played in about 99 countries around the world.

Ajua mirrors the game of strategy by enabling businesses to see, think, move and win.
The company’s evolution into an Integrated Customer Experience Company has gone a step above giving businesses a proactive customer centric approach with rich customer data from meaningful customer interactions. The company now aims to enable companies to predict customer needs with up to date customer analytics and tools to take action where it matters most. Speaking on the evolution, Chief Product Officer, Louis Majanja added “We are embedding technology into culture, our rebranding captures our commitment to help businesses understand their customers and empower consumers in the market.”