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mSurvey and Lipa na M-Pesa Powering Business Growth

Jun 26, 2018

mSurvey has gone an extra mile in helping businesses to understand their customers. We have partnered with Safaricom’s M-Pesa, the successful pioneers of the mobile money in Kenya.  This partnership enables merchants across Kenya to access customer feedback via Lipa Na M-Pesa through mSurvey’s platform.

mSurvey is scaling customer feedback to power business growth in Africa. Merchants using this service will be able to obtain actionable customer insights to inform their strategy, improve their customer experience, drive growth and profitability. This is by engaging with their customers in real-time directly from their phones after their customers make a payment with M-Pesa. mSurvey’s Chief Commercial Officer Claire Munene adds, “As a value-added service to Lipa Na M-PESA, businesses now have the opportunity to collect real-time feedback for products or services from their customers and use this feedback and insights to make more informed and relevant decisions to drive their business’ growth and profitability.”

Speaking further on who this service is tailored to, Safaricom’s Head of Merchant Payments, John Muchiri adds, “We are targeting both corporates and SMEs that are customer-focused and looking to understand their customers better in order to drive the growth of their businesses.”

M-Pesa, which initially started as a means for people living in cities to send money to their families back home, has since grown into a powerful mobile money platform, allowing users to send, receive money, pay bills and transact easily, safely and conveniently. This has enabled marginalized communities to access financial services with ease. M-Pesa continues to grow rapidly, having signed up an additional 2.1 million customers within the financial year 2018. Safaricom’s 2018 Financial report revealed that M-Pesa has earned Kshs. 62.9 Billion over the past financial year, contributing to 28% of Safaricom’s total revenue.

To see how your business can access customer feedback using this service:

bout mSurvey

mSurvey is the leading consumer feedback company in Africa. The company provides an intuitive platform that leverages SMS and other mobile messaging technologies to power direct, one-on-one conversations at scale, in real time.

This platform enables businesses to inform their strategies through real-time customer feedback, to improve their customer experience and grow their revenues.


Safaricom data extracted from Safaricom PLC FY2018 Results Presentation.