Mobile solutions for your dynamic business.

Bring your business closer to your customers and increase sales, find new customers and build relationships with them. Our mobile solutions are designed to help African businesses develop their credibility and increase their market visibility.

Reach More Customers

Create Facebook and Instagram Ads with ease.

Make payments with airtime.

No need of an existing Facebook or Instagram account

Engage Your Customers

Send Bulk SMS to your customers at competitive rates. Send birthday, holiday, and discount messages to keep your customers engaged and coming back!

Connect With Them

Access your customer contact list in one place.

Receive real-time feedback from your customers using SMS surveys or website reviews

Scale Your Business

Have access to a free webpage for your business upon sign up.

Get Ajua Chatbot to automate customer service, sales and payments


MTN EnGauge Mobile


Why choose MTN EnGauge?

  • Take only 3 steps to create Facebook and Instagram Ads.
  • Spend N1000 daily on Ads to reach over 10,000 customers every day.
  • Make Ad payments quickly and safely with airtime.
  • Have your customers in one place.
  • Automate sales responses and payments using your own customized chatbot services.
  • Send bulk SMS offers or notifications to your customers.
  • Receive business reviews from your customers on MTN EnGauge site webpage and respond to them timely.