Market Accelerator

Ajua Market Accelerator means that you will be able to recapture value from the internal process and customer/partner/supplier inefficiencies and turn them into opportunities for driving growth of the company. The plowed back savings can catapult the company into new markets, new innovations, and larger investment into existing projects that bring higher returns.

New revenue

Earn new revenue by improving your service delivery, closing the customer feedback loop and converting your customer base into promoters.

Faster Product to Market

Speed up product innovation by identifying your customers immediate needs through customer analytics.

Increase recurring revenue

Strengthen your customer loyalty and increase your customer lifetime value by quickly identifying customer needs and resolving their pain points.

What can I get from this solution?

Customer Feedback with Digital and non-digital transactional NPS, CSAT, CES
Data enrichment Analytics with Ajua Insight Studio
Market Discovery Analytics for new revenue segments
Business impact Insightful Actions on long-term value (customer) metrics
External Audience data on Market needs with Ajua’s Audience on Demand
Population spend analytics with Ajua’s Consumer Wallet
Value Management with training of personnel on Digital Customer Journey Mapping Insights
Quarterly Benchmarks industry comparison analysis