By Mwaoshe Njema,

If you’ve ever shopped online, like millions of other consumers around the globe, then you have used a webform. Webforms are a crucial part of the web enabling businesses that use them to address consumers easily and receive information from customers on the web directly, securely and swiftly.

As we continue on our mission to power an all in one omni-channel approach that has you engaging customers on their preferred channel and drawing meaningful insights to improve Customer Experience here at Ajua, we are enabling webforms as a new feedback channel to allow our users to connect with customers and make sense of their experiences in real-time.

While SMS solves for reach locally, with growing internet penetration, and a rapid uptake in digital devices and smartphone adoption, customers increasingly like the convenience and the extensibility that webforms offer them.

Webforms and Web Surveys solve a particular problem for B2B CX teams struggling to obtain meaningful feedback from customers using channels other than email.

For businesses planning to go global or expand across geographies, Webforms form a perfect way to address customers and capture customer feedback as they interact with various touch points across multiple geographies and regions.

As with all our other customer engagement channels we have designed Ajua Forms with empathy for customers bearing in mind the task that customers need to get done. Our forms are made to be user friendly and
Webforms and email come together to ensure timely capture of customer feedback to enable faster resolution of customer issues, complaints and interventions to improve customer experience.


  • Templates so you can get started faster: Create common surveys such as the NPS survey with the click of a mouse inside Survey Studio, our intuitive survey authoring tool.
  • Easy to learn and use API for email survey distribution: Ability to send out transactional NPS surveys per transaction programmatically over our friendly Ajua CX API that’s a breeze for developers to learn and work with.
  • No need to set up your own email provider: Out-of-the-box distribution via email so you can capture feedback in real time and across multiple geographies.
  • Make more sense of your customer data: Our powerful analytics engine Insight Studio and automated discovery AI will synthesise customer responses to help you make sense of customer feedback and to surface insights you can take immediate action on.


  • Expanded Branding and design capabilities: Features on the web forms that do not exist within SMS engagements make for more engaging surveys. For instance surveys on webforms can be styled to be more visually appealing or even branded
  • Shorter response times: Webforms are a faster way of capturing user feedback for instance. Users may give feedback faster with a sliding scale for instance – it’s a lot easier and faster than typing out responses on a mobile phone and sending back SMSes.
  • Enhanced Distribution Capabilities: We will enable several channels for you to distribute your surveys in order to maximize reach and so you can engage more customers with webforms
    Webforms may be distributed through:
    – Email (available immediately)
    – Social media
    – Embedded on your website or
    – In-app.