Evolving your Marketing Strategies for the Digital Era

Effective Evolution of Marketing Strategies helps Businesses thrive and while enhancing reach. Successfully adopting the Digital Era transformations can mean the difference between a floundering and a flourishing company. The digital world is constantly evolving very quickly! It is therefore important to be up-to date with the practices, tools and levers involved in Marketing.

To take advantage of digital trends and emerging technologies, companies need to rethink and update their marketing strategies in real time.

Discover below some practical recommendations to implement to improve your digital strategy according to the new trends:


Leverage your Digital Accessibility

Following the disruptions caused by the Pandemic in the last two years, many consumers have turned online for product searches. E-commerce has also significantly increased in Africa by 40% during the pandemic. As a result of this, Digital Presence is now the leading way, if not the main way, to reach customers on a large scale. According to Adobe Digital Economy Index, online consumer spending is rising. Therefore, leveraging Online Presence to create deep connections allows businesses to not only create awareness of their products but also inform decisions. When customers feel connected to your brand, 57% are likely to increase their spending and 76% to buy from you instead of your competitors. For example; if you have a Business that offers After-sale Services for free, share it on either an Email or Social Media campaign. If used right, your Marketing Messaging should communicate “we are here for you when and where you want us to be.” and as a result build customer loyalty.


Humanize your Brand

At its very core, Marketing is about connecting with people, and in today’s digital era, human connection is still a vital conversion ingredient. Humanizing your brand can not only build trust, but can shorten sales cycles, increase customer lifetime value, and provide opportunities to share your brand narrative with an active audience. You don’t have to go viral to show your human side, you can be relatable or participate in thoughtful conversations. When crafting stories on social media, it is important to think about your story and your customer’s story. This can be done through; starting conversations through Question tags, reposting your mentions among many more. Lastly, it is important to understand to your audience. Understanding your audience, whether they’re in a buyer’s journey or not, allows you to tailor content to their needs and provide the specific support they need.


Stay-up-to date with New Trends

Even for professional Marketers who are paid to deliver digital marketing results every day, keeping up with changes in algorithms, page ranking factors, and everything else search engines expect can be overwhelming. However, staying up-to-date is important in ensuring that the right Marketing strategies are in place. This can be done through: Setting up Google Alerts, subscribing to Marketing Blogs and Newsletters as well as short courses on Marketing.


In Conclusion, you must continue to improve your Marketing Strategies as a whole in order to maintain a world-class digital presence and see ROI. If you work your way through the final stage and stop there, you risk falling behind in an ever-evolving digital world. By staying up to date with the latest marketing trends and daring to explore new practices, you’ll keep your brand at the forefront of digital for years to come.


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By Lorna Irungu

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