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Customer Feedback

Ajua enables you to design a survey and immediately push it as an SMS or web form to get real-time feedback from your customers. Select a suitable point of contact for your customers to receive feedback as they utilize your products or services.

Audience Network

Receive real-time insights for your product or services in minutes. 

Access over 300,000 vetted respondents waiting to respond to your market research

Have the right target audience in your reach.

Select the right demographic attributes suited to your customer profiles. Have access to the Ajua dashboard for simplified research feedback.

Analyze and act quickly

Have access to the Ajua dashboard for simplified research feedback.

Customer Insights

Keep consumers at the centre of your business by creating unbiased strategies based on consumer needs and demands. Facilitate strategic planning by identifying market insights and trends to stay ahead of your competition. Enhance product innovation and minimize investment risks by uncovering potential threats and opportunities in the market beforehand with unbiased strategies based on consumer data.

How your team can benefit from Ajua's tools 


  • Determine New Market  Opportunities. 
  • Identify loopholes in your Customer’s Journey
  • Competitor Analysis 
  • Determine your brand’s position in the Market

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