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Connecting Customer Experience Intent to Strategy

Mar 21, 2019

We are now in the age of the customer and businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the role of customer experience in business growth. The rules for running a successful business have been changing over the years. Initially success depended on a company’s manufacturing capacity. Success was then determined by a business’ efficiency in distributing its products. In the age of information customers became increasingly aware of alternatives. This drove us into the age of the customer where meeting and exceeding customer expectations has now become a key priority.

However, there seems to be a disconnect between the desire to offer a fulfilling customer experience and the actual experience that is delivered. The challenge boils down to one fundamental component, the lack of a Customer Experience focused strategy.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric measures customer experience and predicts business growth. This globally recognized metric was co created by Richard Owen, who is an investor and board member in mSurvey. mSurvey has partnered with Richard Owen on the Masterclass curriculum to explain the art and science that powers NPS and how to apply the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure and boost customer loyalty for your business.

mSurvey’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) Masterclasses solve this challenge by equipping business leaders and Customer Experience Professionals with the actual skills needed to utilize customer feedback to obtain crucial data, perform analysis of customer insights for   customer segmentation and identify action points for the business to succeed using NPS. The professional certification course goes beyond business operations and becomes a prescriptive tool for strategic integrated customer experience.

The training is designed to give participants a better understanding of NPS and to apply the methodology within their businesses to drive growth. There are 4 types of Masterclasses targeting different levels within an organization:

  1. Executive MasterClass (1 day) – CEO’s, directors, Executive Management
  2. The Masterclass (2 day Program Leadership Toolkit) – Departmental managers, Heads of Customer Experience, CX Managers
  3. The Masterclass Online Portal – Departmental managers, Heads of Customer Experience, CX Managers
  4. Staff training Online Portal – All levels of staff across the organisation

Establishing a Net Promoter Program can enable a business to create a customer focused strategy,  boost operational efficiency and product innovation as well as enable better customer segmentation. After continued use over time a business can expect to transform its human resource, boost customer retention and eventually attain increased revenue and business growth.

Customer loyalty is a key driver of profitable growth for businesses. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a globally recognized metric used by over two thirds of Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Sony and Amazon to measure their customer loyalty.

So far over 6,000 companies globally across industries have undertaken the  certification program over the years with the latest version the “NPS Masterclass” bringing NPS into the digital age. In Africa various industries trained include financial services, telcos, retail, medical and health, hospitality, energy, agriculture and manufacturing among other industries.

Set your business up for success by attending our next Masterclass on 13th and 14th June in Nairobi. To learn more about our upcoming NPS Masterclass (2 day Program Leadership Toolkit) sign up today. Contact us at:

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