Ajua Q2 2019 Customer Loyalty Industry Benchmark – Public Healthcare most improved in Customer Experience

Ajua Q2 2019 Customer Loyalty Industry Benchmark – Public Healthcare most improved in Customer Experience

By Leonida Kombo,

Africa’s first Integrated Customer Experience Company, Ajua has officially released its second quarterly Customer Loyalty Industry Benchmark for 2019. The Benchmark covered 8 industry sectors and included two new entries namely, Mobile Money Lenders and Food and Beverage. Customer Experience improved significantly within the Banking, and Insurance industries, with Healthcare being the most improved in Quarter 2 2019, an indicator that customer centric measures have been adopted by businesses in these industries.

Public healthcare facilities in Kenya have long struggled with poor customer experience. The disparity between Customer Experience in public and private hospitals persists however, public healthcare facilities made the biggest recorded improvement in Customer Experience in Quarter 2 2019 rising from an industry NPS of -5 to in the previous quarter to 19. The progress was primarily driven by Kenyatta National Hospital’s (KNH) improved score which customers attributed to the change in management at the Hospital. Customers commended KNH for their high quality service, specialized facilities, highly skilled doctors, friendly staff, accurate diagnosis and improved customer care.  One customer shared, “I would highly recommend it for the quality treatment it provides but do not give it 10/10 because of the congestion at Kenyatta hospital.”

Banks that leveraged technology in their Customer Experience programs scored significantly higher Net Promoter Scores. This has led to an increased uptake of digital queueing systems, mobile banking and internet banking. In addition to this, some banks have adopted digital methods to get accurate and real time customer feedback.

KCB emerged top in the Banking sector in Q2 2019 with an NPS of 34 with customers citing lower interest rates on loans compared to other banks. Also, the KCB M-Pesa service led in the Mobile Money Lenders industry with an NPS of 41 owing to lower interest rates. According to the Kenya Demographic Household survey 2018, mobile loans are the third  most important loans after SACCOS and Commercial Banks. Customers in this industry were recorded to be particularly keen on competitive interest rates, friendly payment periods as well as speed and efficiency in service delivery.

In the Insurance industry, providing excellent customer experience is paramount because unlike other industries, interaction with customers is less frequent resulting in fewer chances to build trust and loyalty. Britam led the pack in Quarter 2 2019, customers cited faster compensation compared to other insurance companies, full compensation and great customer service. One customer mentioned, ”Britam used to insure my grandpa. They paid according the clause and on time.“ NHIF followed closely with an NPS of 21, their customers scored them highly for their affordability, wide coverage and reliability.

Ajua’s Benchmark is based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a globally recognised Customer Experience Metric used by Fortune 500 companies globally. The report seeks to establish NPS benchmarks for various industries and compare their performance overtime. It also helps businesses to identify the best performing companies within those industries each quarter and learn the key drivers behind good Customer Experience.

Since its inception in 2012, Ajua’s products have accelerated business growth on the continent by bridging the gap between businesses and their customers. Ajua’s evolution into an Integrated Customer Experience Company has gone a step above giving businesses a proactive customer centric approach with rich customer data from meaningful customer interactions. The company now aims to enable companies to predict customer needs with up to date customer analytics and tools to take action where it matters most. Further to this, the company has been releasing quarterly Customer Loyalty Benchmark Reports to  help businesses understand where they rank in Customer Experience within their respective industries.

About Ajua
Ajua is the Integrated Customer Experience solution for African businesses. We exist to bridge the gap between businesses and their customers. Ajua’s technology integrates with businesses at the points that matter most to their customers to measure and optimize their Customer Experience. Our plug and play solutions have enabled leading brands of various sizes and industries on the continent  to create actionable strategies that drive business growth.

Ajua officially rebranded from mSurvey on July 31st, 2019 to reflect our growth, ambition and African Identity in our corporate brand.

To learn more, please contact the Corporate Engagement & Learning team at [email protected] or Leonida Kombo – Senior Associate, Corporate Engagement & Learning | [email protected] | +254 726 024 751.

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