Ajua Q1 2022 Benchmark Report- Energy: The most improved Sector in Customer Experience


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By Lorna Irungu


Kenya’s Energy providers have greatly improved their Customer Experience since Q4 2021 as illustrated by the Q1 2022 Customer Loyalty Benchmark Report. In spite of the sector being hurdled by fuel shortages and hiked prices, it was able to redeem itself. This was observed with a notable confidence in those using the service stations. Consequently, 85% had their expectations met, 10% not met while 5% had no expectations at all.

It was also notable that adoption of adoption of LPG for cooking is on the high. 85% affirmed use of LPG with 15% dissenting use. Total Gas had an NPS of 62, K-Gas with 45, and ProGas 29. The users appreciated the brands for their durability, safety measures, and affordability. K-gas stood out with users appreciating its accessibility across different outlets.


Ajua’s Q1 2022 report revealed strategies that drive customers to choose certain providers over others. The winning strategy is focusing on Quality Customer Service. As all service stations offer the same product, to choose which providers meets the cut, Customer Service values like politeness or friendliness are major determinants. 


Total Energies Service Stations was ranked as the best in customer experience with an NPS of 51. Total Energies customers were pleased with fair pricing, great customer service, quality products, and prompt response when handling customers. For example, one delighted Total customer stated: “The quality services I have so far encountered from the attendants is exceptional, good customer care and after-sales services.”


In the recent years, there has been a significant increase in number of vehicles on the roads. Moreover, there has also been a notable increase in the people living on the outskirts of the city centres. As a result, there’s been a spread of population as well as increase in demand for service stations’ distribution. Therefore, service providers who are able to offer quality services while still meeting the need for distribution of stations to their customers are able to drive more customers. Shell Service Stations ranked second in customer experience with an NPS of 50. Shell customers mainly gave them a score for the quality of products, 24hr service, and affordability of services.  “Distribution of stations. Clean fuel, overnight service,” stated one satisfied customer.


Though the key to increasing sales in the Energy industry in Kenya is largely pegged on these two strategies, it should be noted that the industry is continuing to grow. These strategies tend to be paired with other tactics. To learn more about the other strategies being used to increase brand loyalty in Energy among other industries in Kenya, read Ajua’s Quarter 1 2022 Customer Loyalty Benchmark Report to learn more.



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