Ajua Benchmark: Ways That Kenyan Retail Outlets are Making You Buy More

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By Leonida Kombo,

Kenya’s retail outlets have greatly improved their Customer Experience since Q4 2020 according to Ajua’s Quarter 4 2021 Customer Loyalty Benchmark Report. This change was largely driven by the COVID-19 pandemic which forced retailers to address the challenge of decreased consumer spending. Several outlets had to find innovative ways to circumnavigate containment measures and make their services more accessible by way of introducing delivery services among other things.


In addition, retailers are benefitting from the increased purchasing power from a rising middle-class and a surge of investment in high-end formal retail space. A host of foreign retailers and brands have entered the market bringing with them winning strategies that have enabled them to compete at a global level. This has, in turn, raised the bar for local players who are leading the Kenyan retail space


Ajua’s report unveiled some strategies that encouraged customers to choose certain outlets and in some cases buy even more than they intended to. The biggest winning strategy in retail is focusing on pricing. Kenyan consumers are experiencing a huge influx of players in the retail industry, to decide which retailer makes the cut, pricing is often a major determinant. “The cost should be fair and customer service on top also they have cards so as to earn points and have special offers.” one customer shared. This is a clear indication that shoppers are keen on offers and they know where to find the best ones.


Naivas was rated by Kenyans as the retailer with the best customer experience with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 38. Naivas’ customers mainly appreciated the brand for being affordable and having high-quality products. One delighted Naivas customer summed up their experience at Naivas by sharing, “Affordable prices, a variety of products and efficient payment systems.”


Kenya’s growing middle-class population has a growing demand for a variety of products at retail outlets, leading us to our second key strategy. Retailers who are able to demonstrate an impressive range of goods can rely on this strategy to draw droves of customers into their stores and make them buy more. Carrefour ranked second in Customer Experience within the retail industry with an NPS of 27. Customers mainly gave them a high score for stocking a wide variety of goods and fair pricing.“The supermarket is cheaper with a wide variety of products …great services from attendant s and it is also close to my apartment,” one happy Carrefour customer shared. “The supermarket is cheaper with a wide variety of products …great services from attendant s and it is also close to my apartment,” another satisfied customer added.


The third strategy that retailers are using to get customers to buy more is improving their customer service. Businesses globally have established that customers are more likely to spend more when they have established a good relationship with a brand. Consumers in Kenya are no different, they will shop more at shops that invest in creating positive experiences for them and brands that make them feel important. Quickmart which ranked third with an NPS of 22 ​​has made a huge impression on their customers with their ambiance, customer service and accessibility. One Quickmart customer happily shared, “Their services are on point. Moreover, Quickmarts staff are the best, from the watchman, cashier and those that stand by lanes. They are friendly and helpful.”


Though the key to increasing sales in the retail industry in Kenya is largely pegged on these three strategies, it should be noted that the industry is continuing to grow and that often, these strategies tend to be paired with other tactics. To learn more about the other strategies being used to increase brand loyalty in retail among other industries in Kenya, read Ajua’s Quarter 4 2021 Customer Loyalty Benchmark Report to learn more.



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