67% of Kenyans would pay more for better customer service

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67% of Kenyans would pay more for better customer service

Sep 26, 2017

Businesses are abuzz with preparations for Customer Service Week, a global event celebrated annually in the first week of October by customer-oriented institutions and organizations. Customer service in Africa is often perceived to be disappointing but a conversation we had with Kenyans reveals that 97% of them are happier with customer service today more than 5 years ago.

Our conversation revealed that 40% of Kenyans know about Customer Service Week.  Safaricom, KCB Bank, Airtel, Equity Bank and Jumia are brands that came top-of-mind, mentioned by Kenyans as companies that celebrate this event.  43% feel that the banking sector offers the best customer service, another 43% feel the same about telephone service providers. The two worst performing sectors were the government with 2% and transport which ranked last with only 1%.

More businesses are focussing on enhancing the customer experience to gain competitive advantage and drive their revenue through customer retention. 87% of Kenyans actually feel that being able to provide feedback is very important to them and up to 54% have stopped using a product or service altogether because of poor customer experience while up to 67% of Kenyans are willing to pay more to get better customer service elsewhere.

As a result businesses are employing various means of obtaining feedback. Though not all these methods have proven to be as effective. Up to 40% have received online surveys from businesses but when asked how they prefer to give their feedback, 42% said that they prefer SMS because it’s a cheaper,  more accessible and  quicker means to relay information .

Up to 86% of Kenyans are likely to complain after receiving poor service. However, 14% who don’t complain mainly don’t because they feel that sending feedback takes too much effort and that they would not get a response, “ I feel it will be of no value since there won’t be any immediate feedback” one person told mSurvey. “I don’t give feedback because they rarely ask for it.” added another.

Needs of customers are what drive a business strategy. With Voice of the Customer, it’s easier to connect to your customers. This product enables you to engage with your customers at scale and get feedback in real-time. We enable you to measure the quality of your service using the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a globally recognized metric developed by Satmetrix.

Ultimately Satmetrix emphasizes on action after measuring your NPS, “Weight loss goals are never achieved just by getting on the scale. Similarly, thinking about Net Promoter as simply a score, without changing the way you actually do business, will never improve customer loyalty and the resulting profitable growth.”

Our team would be more than glad to take you through a Voice of the Customer demo, contact us now to get started!

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